Friday, November 7, 2008

Runner Services

I felt the urge to see what I could do with libkonq so I played around a bit with the Nepomuk search runner last week and came out with this:

Open with actions and service menu support work with my copy of the nepomuk search runner. :) The open with dialog correctly appears, the amarok queue track action also works (but append & play doesn't because the dbus call is wrong.)

I'm still looking for more runners to add multiple actions to so if you have any ideas, tell me :D


parena said...

Ooh, nice. :) Amarok support would be extremely welcome. I remember using katapult in KDE3 for a while and I could type "think I'm paranoid" and press enter: Amarok would instantly play the track by Garbage. Good stuff, I'd love to have this in KDE4.

Dread Knight said...

I miss amarok integration like i had in kde3 with katapult as well...

amarok sort of died for me without that integration... new version is sort of missing some important points out as well like searching a song and get to play it quickly not having to browse though fucking albums and have to add it to your playlist.. heh

jefferai said...

@Dread Knight

Not exactly sure what you think has changed...searching the collection view is pretty much the same as it was in 1.4. If you're talking about search results auto-expanding, if that doesn't work (which I think is the case), it's a bug.